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Data protection officer (DPO) under the new Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

Safeguarding the data of the public from any kind of breach or unethical processing is now a high level priority for every government on this planet. The Indian government also recently came up with an act to address this problem of insecurity of data privacy. The new digital personal data protection act 2023 covers a lot of issues that rises from the point of sharing your personal data with a company or anyone. The government tried their best to make sure that the data of the citizens are safe from any kind of illegal access.  Different solutions in case of a data breach are also brought by this act, mainly two of them are - the introduction of digital protection authority where you can file a complaint against any kind of data breach that you've faced. Secondly, if any data fiduciary is caught illegally processing your data or selling your private data then they will have to face the consequences by paying a hefty fine for their deed. The amount of fine can go up to 250 crore rup

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