Mastering the Art of Writing


Encapsulating the thoughts in proper expressions is no less than an art.

Be it either through speaking or through written words, it needs skills, talent and considerable efforts to charm bound the audience or readers. One can be a bestselling author, by simply adhering to few tips, which I would like to compile and tell you all.   

1).See through lens;
A great writer is the one, who gives an eye to the reader by writing something in the manner, which allows readers to mellow-in the content and visualize the ink. Visualization effect always has a more lasting impression than a mere reading; it allows an easy understanding and builds up a connection, ultimately resulting into awakening of interest in the content. So write such content that would allow readers to see through and visualize the situation from their own lens from the bare white and blacks. Visualization effect builds up a special bonding between the reader and the content.

2). Metallic vocabulary;
There is no need of using heavy and unnecessary complex words, like I just did in this subheading. Posing as intellect might bring out the contrary. People use typical and technical words to flaunt their readers, but that would make the task of readers more typical. Such content enriched with uncommon and hi-fi words loosen its grip on readers, who are no more interested in reading stuff that makes them sound dumb. Simple and lucid words are always what a reader wants, because nobody likes a thing which makes them sound dumb. Try to make such connection where reader would feel on equal intellectual footing as that of writer that would bring some sense of belonging inside the reader to stick to from beginning till the end.

Proviso: If you are writing something for academic purpose, or writing about a profession, a discipline, or a subject which requires a concrete knowledge of its core language, through despicable use of technical or legal jargon, then writers may adopt the flaunting off method, as in such content the more you use such Jargons, the more you are praised.

Proviso to Proviso: One thing should be kept in mind, is that the technical words should not be mixed with words of common usage. Because what is very obvious for you might be something which is not generally used in common parlance. So before proceeding ahead, just give your write-up to few hand-picked people from your target audience, and let them analyse if there is anything they could not understand.

3).Rounding before the crux;

A hell lot of description about the room and surroundings, without even informing about the Head take is a piece of boredom. Too much beating around the bush is not acceptable. So it should not be too late from the inception to disclose the crux. Crux is the core subject of your content, about which you have been writing all these words. Readers must be informed of the theme as soon as possible, to keep their curiosity and interest intact in the content. Too much description about the things not even required is a big-no-no.

This does not imply killing of suspenseBalance of convenience should be maintained between telling the theme and breaking the suspense. Suspense should obviously be kept for last, but writers should surely learn this art of separating crux from suspense.

Great writers have never read anything about How to write, still they are writing it this good, it’s just because they have learned it from reading. So if you want to write something, then you should read, read and read. Without reading, writing cannot be this refined and polished. Writing is the only art, where you have to brush up other things to sharpen it. Like, you have to read a lot of stuffs simply for writing a quality one page. Reading makes you learn from other writer’s mistakes. It helps in articulation, developing your own opinion which might contradict the writer’s. You get food for thought to ponder upon and give your contribution to that thought process. It is very useful because no 2 people have the same expression.

No one is born perfect. They practised it and that’s what brought out their specialisation. You might become rich in a night, but to sustain it, you have to work for personal growth. Ladder of success is waiting for those, who have mastered their profession through practise. So the only key to become a successful writer is to read and revise your content to make it all perfect. Edit it as much as you can, thinking about your target readers. The first time thoughts came in one’s mind is not always the best method, because no one is born perfect, so that words would be so pure as soon as they are written. But they are being made perfect through revision. That’s why professional writers keep editors, for getting their work revised and edited form an experienced lens. Revising the work is very immense part of a writer. The more you revise, the more it is polished. Work can be best only through sheer hard work and never dying attitude of revising it.