The craze for Electric cars and bikes is increasing day by day all over the world, and the scenario in India is no exception. But one problem came in the way of India's EV revolution, and that's Ola charging extra from its customers for the chargers of these Ola electric scooters. 

Let's know the story in detail, 

Ola was selling its electric scooters without any charger, and users had to buy one separately for around INR 9k - 19k. But then the government raised their concerns about this matter and asked Ola to sell chargers together with the vehicle. If they don't start selling chargers with the vehicle, then the subsidy given to them will be cut. 

Subsidy scheme - 

The government of India has launched a scheme called the Fame II scheme, where they are trying to subsidise the purchase of electric vehicles. This move of the government is intended to strengthen the green energy infrastructure of the country. The government has declared a total subsidy of Rs 5,172 crore for the fiscal year 2024 under the FAME scheme. The FAME-2 subsidy accounted for 85% of the total budget allocation for the Ministry of Heavy Industries. Under the FAME -2 scheme, the central government offers financial support for 10 lakh electric two wheelers. The cost of locally manufactured vehicles can be discounted by up to 40% by different electric automobile manufacturers, who can then claim the subsidy for the difference from the government under the FAME - 2 scheme. 

Controversy with Ola -

Ola was selling chargers for an extra Rs 9000 to 19000 to its customers, but the government wanted this to stop, and finally, after different meetings with governments and a court verdict, Ola was forced to pay that money back to its customers who brought chargers with an extra price after the scooters. The Ministry of heavy industries also declared that the company would get the remaining subsidy only after they paid the money back to the customers. 

According to the news, the company will have to pay around Rs130 crore to nearly 1 lakh customers who had previously purchased Ola S1 pro electric scooters as of March 30, 2023. The due subsidy amount to Ola is around 500 crore rupees from the government, and all of that will be cleared after Ola repays all the extra money taken as the price of chargers to their customers. 

Not only Ola but there were different other manufacturers who were selling chargers and other essential software separately to customers to keep the price under the eligibility for the subsidy of the scheme, and all these finally ended with an investigation  by the Ministry of Heavy Industries.

A proper green energy infrastructure is the need of the hour to save the world from the minacious effect of climate change. For that, governments of different nations are making an effort from their side now it's up to different companies and citizens to give their effort to save nature from getting damaged anymore. 

Image source: Google Images