The government of India is here with a great portal that can help you to track your lost phone. You can now recover your lost phone using this platform. 

The CEIR portal, or the central equipment identity registry portal, will be launched on 17th May by the government of India. 

What is the CEIR portal?

The portal acts as a system for all the network operators to share the blocklisted mobile devices. It works by connecting with the IMEI database of all the mobile operators. 

A lost electronic device with an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, such as a smartphone, can now be quickly reported to a local police station using a new website that the Indian government's Department of Telecommunications has launched, i.e. the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). Users of this website can use the website to block a stolen or lost mobile, unblock a found mobile, and even find out more information about a used smartphone.

What will the website do? 

The website will help you with different measures like - 

1. It will curtail the market of fake mobile phones. 

2. Help in discouraging the theft of mobile phones.

3. Will help in the safeguarding of customers' interests. 

How to lodge a report about lost or stolen phones?

To report about a lost phone, a person will have to submit several details like the phone numbers of the sim cards that are installed in the phone. Also, one must submit the IMEI number and a mobile purchase invoice. But you will also have to file a complaint at the local police station because a copy of the complaint will be required for blocking the phone no. When you block a smartphone from this portal, then nobody will be able to use it as it will get blocklisted in the central database. 

The user of the mobile device must obtain a second SIM card from the appropriate service provider in order to obtain the OTP. To receive the OTP from the CEIR, the sim card must remain active. The phone is disabled and unable to be used by anybody within 24 hours of the complaint being filed and includes information about the lost or stolen phone, according to the release.

How to unblock the mobile phone after recovering it? 

So after you get back your phone to use it, once you recover a lost or stolen mobile phone, then you will have to go back to the website. Then you will have to unblock the telephone by giving different details like request ID and mobile number and specifying the reason for unblocking. 

According to recent news, a total number of 15 phones, which were either lost or stolen in Mysuru city recently, were returned to the respective owners at a function in the city Police Commissioner’s office recently. The stolen or lost mobile phones, which were made by various businesses, were worth about 3.5 lakh rupees in total. With the portal's opening, the police said that tracking lost or stolen mobile phones had become quicker.

Image source: Google Images