Practical applications of ChatGpt


"How can I top in my next exam?" No, we're not going to answer this question, but ChatGpt can give you a solution to this question. But the potential of ChatGpt is not only limited to answering such questions. It has some more practical applications. 

What are the practical applications of ChatGpt? Let's know - 

1. Coding - 

Are you a business owner with a non-tech background and need code for your app or website? ChatGpt can help you. ChatGpt knows how to code and you can get any kind of code to build something just by giving the necessary prompts to ChatGpt.

2. Debugging a code - 

One of the most significant tensions for a coder is having bugs in their code. You will have to go through the code all over again, and then you will have to find the bug and debug it. But no need to take this much stress. Now, ChatGpt can help you to debug any code.

3. Writing content - 

If you need a blog or a small copy for your landing page header, then ChatGpt is here to get your work done. You can give necessary prompts mentioning the features of your products or services, and ChatGpt will come up with a sales copy for that.

4. Language translation - 

ChatGpt can help you to understand the meaning of a piece written in an unknown language. This is very beneficial for businesses operating in different countries. You will also be able to communicate with people from other countries using this AI tool.

5. Customer service - 

Don't take care of customer service because ChatGpt is here for that. You can finetune GPT for your app or website, which will help your customers with proper replies to their queries. This will also help businesses to connect with customers on a personal level. 

6. Keyword research - 

If you're a content writer or an SEO expert, then you know the importance of keywords in an article and how tough it is to research those. But no more worries, as ChatGpt can help you to research keywords. 

7. Research assistance - 

If you're doing any research-related job, then ChatGpt can be your best assistant. You can research about anything using ChatGpt. It can help you with different resources for any academic research or market research. 

8. Creating emails - 

ChatGpt can also help you by designing custom email templates for your customers. Different personalised emails replying to the problems of the customers can be created by ChatGpt using your necessary prompts. 

9. Analysing sentiments - 

Want to know the sentiment of a piece? ChatGpt can do that for you. It is trained to identify different sentiments like sadness, happiness, anger etc. ChatGpt can help you to analyse the sentiment of your customer reviews. 

10. Helps HR - 

ChatGpt can help HR by telling you the necessary questions you should ask a person applying for the job role to make the interview process more manageable. Not only that, but ChatGpt can also help you to write a good job description that will catch the eye of the applicants.

Image source: Google Images