All about the hyped ChatGPT

ChatGpt doesn't need an introduction anymore. It's one of the most used internet tools in today's date all over the world. The mind-blowing features of the AI tool have broken the internet. Everyone is interested in the tool. Businesses are trying to use it to the fullest. Different tool skills like coding, writing, and debugging have already proved to be some great use cases for human beings. While everyone is mesmerised by the features of ChatGpt and all are using it to solve different problems. There is also a threat of job automation that has appeared in front of the human race with the introduction of this AI chatbot. 

Historical Analysis:

It is well known that artificial intelligence will change the world in the upcoming times. From the automation of cars to automated coders, the introduction of ChatGpt just pushed it. ChatGpt was originally a product of a company called OpenAi, founded by Sam Altman. The company was also co-founded or backed by different Silicon Valley stars like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman and others; they pledged around a billion dollars for the company. The company was formed as a non-profit organisation for the development of AI.

The project started in 2015. The first model, GPT 1, was launched in 2018 by OpenAi. GPT 2 arrived in the market in 2019, and GPT 3 entered the market in 2020. Initially, the tool was released on 30th November 2022, and the final release occurred on 23rd March 2023. 


ChatGPT is a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) family of language model member. The bot was fine-tuned over an improved version of OpenAi's GPT-3, known as GPT 3.5. Initially, a  Microsoft Azure supercomputing infrastructure, which was powered by Nvidia GPUs, was initially used by ChatGpt. Microsoft built this, especially for OpenAi. And it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The technology of the tool is powered by extensive data collection, including natural language text and speech that's used to understand the input provided by the user and generate relevant output for that. 

Use case:

While everyone enjoys asking different questions to ChatGpt and getting the answers from them, you can use the tool for productive purposes. 

i. Use it to write code: ChatGpt can help you with coding. Not only that, but the AI tool also knows how to debug code. So you can use this tool to get a code written for any kind of use. 

ii. Use it to write content: Human beings take a lot of time to write long-form content - like blogs or YouTube scripts. But chatGpt, on the other hand, can help you with that in a shorter time.  Other than these two major uses, you can utilise the tool to research things, solve math problems, or as a virtual assistant. 

ChatGpt is now already an integral part of many people's lives, and people are using it for different reasons. But for knowing details about the tool, this was the best place you landed. 

Image source: Google Images