Microsoft-backed OpenAI has recently launched the latest version of chatGPT4 which is so advanced that it is going to replace a lot of existing jobs such as data entry, translators, writers etc. ChatGPT has become the talk of the town because of its latest AI-backed logical and accurate results. 

ChatGPT4 is the most advanced version released so far and is capable of clearing Bar Exam with a 90% score. It is capable of adapting human features and can provide unique results for everything. Its features are so advanced that it can write a film script, unique song lyrics, entire emails, and article, solves any problem, write codes, make a website, produce songs and what not.


Many companies such as Duolingo have already started using ChatGPT4 in their configuration. 

Undoubtedly, a lot of jobs that exist today will soon be replaced. There is much opposition to this, however, technology can’t be stopped. 

We are moving towards innovation and advancement at a rapid stage. ChatGPT will bring a complete transformation. People were wondering about MetaVerse earlier, but ChatGPT is the future which is going to bring major transformation in our lives.

Just like any major transformation, it is going to bring or evolve new jobs, even if old jobs are going to be replaced. Technology needs humans, in the end, it can’t survive without humans. Therefore, new jobs will be created which will be used in the world of ChatGPT. 

It could be ChatGPT fraud prevention, ChatGPT security, ChatGPT privacy, ChatGPT interface developers, ChatGPT usage developers for customized needs, mechanical usage etc. 

There are some jobs which are never going to be affected by this. They could be related to food making and selling a business, clothing business, groceries, retail etc. 

You can try ChatGPT here.

Image source: Google Images